Periodic CPC – Yours Hours Explained

I often get asked what the different types of CPC’s are as there are several available depending on what you need it for. More often than not it’s Periodic CPC that can sometimes confuse a new driver. So here, I’m going to explain certain aspects of the Periodic CPC. These Periodic CPC hours consist of 35 Hours classroom based attendance. The good thing is that there are no tests involved it is purely attendance. The other very important aspect of […]

The Initial CPC: Certificate of Professional Competence

Over the years I have had many questions over the Initial CPC, who needs it? Why do I need it? When do I need it by? So here I will explain the who’s and the why’s. Since the Initial CPC became a legal requirement on the 10th September 2008 for Bus & Coaches and the 10th September 2009 for HGV Drivers there has been so confusion about who needs it and why. The Who’s If you passed your car test […]