FTA to Hold Summit on New Driver Recruitment

Continuing the industry’s drive to solve, or at the very least ease, the ongoing driver shortage issue, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) have announced that their annual conference in March will be a summit aimed at tackling the issue. More specifically, the summit will look at ways in which the industry, and one would hope, the Government, can encourage new recruits into the work force. Attract, Recruit, Retain To be held at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena on March 17th, the summit, […]

Happy New Year from HGV Training Cost

And so, another year draws to a close with another twelve months of challenges, excitement and possibility looming large on the horizon for the HGV industry. So what better time then, than to take a moment to look back upon the news that’s shaped us over the past year whilst trying to peer hopefully towards a bright future once the tinsel and fairy lights are put back in their boxes in the attic. The Continued Driver Shortage Issue It’s no […]

How Our HGV Industry Bring the Goods at Christmas

We’ve spoken before about how Christmas highlights the shortage of HGV drivers with the rise in deliveries at this time of the year. And while we may focus on the idea of that being Christmas presents not arriving on time, the bigger picture is in fact in relation to all those other traditional Christmas goodies. Because Christmas just isn’t Christmas without all those trimmings and treats we surround ourselves with each year – all of which need the help of […]

The Coca-Cola Lorry | HGVs in the Christmas Media

As we approach the festive season once again, industry talk focuses (again) on the issue of  HGV driver shortages and the potential problems that may cause to both the industry and indeed, to deliveries of goods over the Christmas period. Because, as we mentioned on this site only a month ago, with a UK retail market so reliant on road freight for delivery of goods, a significant shortage of drivers could have major repercussions on the Christmas shopping market. Of […]

New Funding For Operation Stack Issues

One of the key points concerning HGV drivers to have come out of Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn statement was the announcement of additional funding to help alleviate the on-going strain to Operation Stack. Breaking Point As we discussed on these pages back in the summer, Operation Stack has been stretched to, and indeed, beyond its breaking point on the occasions that it’s been brought into effect throughout the year. Prolonged industrial action in the Port of Calais and ongoing security […]

Will the Driver Shortage Impact on Christmas?

As we  move ever closer to the big Christmas season once again, the impact of the current driver shortage in the UK HGV industry has yet again come to the fore with industry bosses using National Lorry Week this October to express further highlight the problem to the wider public. It’s the biggest challenge facing the haulage industry in the UK and an issue that needs to be tackled – a reason for the Road Haulage Association’s (RHA) current lobbying […]

The HGV Medical Exam – What it Entails

As well as having full and comprehensive training to become an HGV driver, there’s also the extremely important emphasis on ensuring that all drivers and potential drivers are fit and healthy enough to be in control of a large vehicle. Which is why the HGV medical exam plays such a crucial role in the procedure towards becoming a fully licenced HGV driver. But what exactly does this medical exam entail? The short answer, of course, is that it checks for […]

Have Samsung Found The Answer to HGV Safety?

One of the big safety issues when it comes to HGVs (and other large vehicles) and smaller vehicles on the road together is the issue of overtaking and the relative danger associated with going past a long truck, particularly on single lane highways. We know the problem, HGV drives along at its fixed speed while the faster moving car trails behind, keen to overtake and be on its way. However, the driver of the car either feels stuck through not being […]

3 Simple Tips to Help Alleviate Back Pain When Driving

Anyone who has suffered with a bout of back, neck or similar spinal pain will attest to the fact that it can be extremely debilitating. And for an HGV driver, it can be seriously detrimental to the career. With more than 30 million work days lost in the UK to back and neck pain across the entire British workforce, it’s clearly a major issue whatever industry you may work. The problem is especially acute in the transport sector with a […]

4 Tips to Stay Safe on the Road This Autumn

As summer gives way to autumn we enter into a period of unpredictability with regards to the weather conditions on the roads (although, it could be argued that the UK summer has its own share of unpredictability when it comes to weather!). Added to the fact that the roads will once again be filled with those on the daily commute or school run after time away over the holidays and autumn remains a time of year to ensure that you have […]