The Category C+E Licence

Whether you’re starting a career as an HGV Driver, or are already working as a Category C Driver, there’s no doubt that the Category C+E licence offers a higher earning potential and the chance to drive the really big rigs! The Category C+E is an articulated body vehicle, and the cab disconnects from the trailer. It’s often also referred to as Arctic, Class 1, Cat C+E, and HGV and is often used for long-distance haulage, or moving large loads.

At HGV Training Cost we provide one price no matter where you are in the country, so you can keep your HGV training costs low, and once qualified as a Category C+E driver you can expect to earn up to 32k a year.

Gaining a Category C+E licence is a great way to increase your earning potential and keep your career options open. With hundreds of hauliers in your local area handling an increasing workload, Category C+E drivers are in serious demand, securing well-paid work with flexible working hours.

Working as an HGV Driver gives opportunities for international travel, as well as greater freedom during your day at work and a reliable source of income. Plus, as logistics is a growing sector with a lot of investment, who knows where your career will take you!

Don’t forget – HGV Training Cost takes the struggle out of getting your Category C+E licence. We’ll arrange everything for you from start to finish, so you can focus on your future.

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