Preparing For Winter In Your HGV

If you own, or have ever owned a car, then you probably know some of the things you should be doing around this time of year to prepare for the blustery, cold, sometimes even snowy weather. Any type of vehicle is prone to the same kinds of problem over the colder months, so no matter if you drive a mini or an HGV, you need to prepare. This is especially true for professional lorry drivers, whose routes take them to […]

What Are Your Career Options As A HGV Driver?

Making the decision to move to a HGV driving job could be the best decision you ever make – if you’re the right type of person. If you are mechanically minded, enjoy driving and don’t mind long periods behind the wheel, you’re off to a good start. It’s a big step outside of the usual 9-5 working routine, but it is an incredibly flexible and rewarding career for anyone, regardless of age, gender, culture or background. As the year draws […]

The History Of The Lorry Driver

For a long time now lorry’s and trucks have been critical in moving goods up and down the country and to customers overseas. Everywhere you look on today’s modern roads you will see long-haul HGV’s transporting anything and everything from one place to another. There’s no denying it, lorry driving jobs take people places every day of the year! Of course, it wasn’t always the case. At one time in the past it was rare to see anything approaching the […]

Taking Your HGV License Practical Test

When you first learn to drive, you have to take a 2 separate tests to make sure you are competent and know how to drive safely. In order to become a professional HGV driver, you have to take a very specific set of tests. The basic Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is essential for every HGV driver, and the test for this certificate is split into 4 parts. Parts 1 and 2 are both theory based, while parts 3 […]

5 Ways To Make Long Drives More Bearable

We’ve all been on that long car ride that felt like it lasted forever. Spending 4-5 hours cooped up in a car can be boring, but for long distance HGV drivers, 10 hours in the cab of a lorry is a very real day. If you’re an HGV driver who is starting to get bored during your long haul drives, we have a few tips to help you stay engaged, safe and interested during your journey.   Listen To A […]

Long Distance HGV Drivers Essential Kit

If you’ve been driving long distances for a long time, you will have a pretty good idea of your ‘go to’ kit for the journey. But if you’re new to the job, it can sometimes be a challenge to figure out what you’re going to need on the road and what you won’t be able to take. So this month we bring you a guide to the long distance HGV drivers essential kit. Toiletries Long distance HGV drivers are on […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Drive A HGV?

You have come to this website, and this post, because you want to become a lorry driver. Congratulations! Being an HGV driver is an exceptional career that will let you earn an excellent living and provide for your family for years to come. HGV drivers are always in demand and we can’t wait to help you on your journey. But before you click that contact button and book in your training, ask yourself, do you have what it takes? Determination […]

The Battle Of The Back

As HGV drivers we face a lot of issues – long stretches away from home, unhealthy food and trying to concentrate for hours at a time on a long piece of tarmac in front of us. But one of the most difficult professional hazards we face is how to protect our back and neck from strain and injury. Anyone who has driven a car for a long length of time will understand the stiffness and soreness you feel during and […]

Taking Your Driver CPC Test

As we mentioned in our last post, one of the key things you will need to get your LGV license is a Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence). There are a few exceptions of course, but if you are driving a heavy goods vehicle professionally you must hold a valid and up to date Driver CPC. If you don’t, you could be fined up to £1,000. Your Driver CPC must be kept up to date, with medical examinations every 5 […]

Becoming A HGV Driver – The Ins And Outs

If your lifelong dream has been to drive a lorry, truck or even bus down the majestic highways of the world, you have certainly come to the right place. HGV (or heavy good vehicle) drivers are the unsung heroes of the road, transporting and delivering goods and raw materials across the UK and overseas. They move everything from food to fuel. While some might say the career of a HGV driver can be lonely, it is also an incredibly rewarding […]