Trucker’s Songbook | 7 Classic Driving Songs

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In a recent blog post we looked at some of the benefits of being an HGV driver as the industry looks to increase the number of drivers on the road. Because, yes there’s the good starting salary and the relative job security and of course the chances to progress in your career.

But there’s also the fact that it’s just you and the open road, away from stuffy offices and with the freedom to belt out your very own playlist of classic driving tunes.

Like these, not at all cliched, examples:

Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

Still rocking after all these years, Steppenwolf’s classic tune from the movie Easy Rider still finds a place near the top of most driving songs lists. Frankly, has there ever been a song more attuned to being behind the wheel? Up high in your cab, the early morning open road ahead of you, how can you resist a little head nod as you roll along the asphalt?

Freebird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

As we’ve said, life as an HGV driver affords you freedom, your own space and this song encapsulates this just about perfectly. Free as a bird as you take your freight across the highways and byways of the country, heading from town to town? And that classic seemingly never ending guitar solo could see you through from London to Birmingham – almost!

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

The old ones are the good ones, or so it would seem. A 2013 survey from Tesco Clubcard on British driver’s preferred choice of music showed that Queen were top of the motoring pops. And that surely must mean a spot on the trucker’s playlist for their classic anthem. From head bobbing to plain old thrashing the words out as you roll along the A56 this is driving music almost in its purest form. And, to add a sneaky little twist to the tunes, you could always add the Muppets’ brilliant version to your list.

Highway to Hell – AC/DC

More from the rocker’s archives this old belter still features on many a survey for top driving tunes and sits at number 5 on Planet Rock’s top 40 driving songs. But of course this is classic fare for that long drive from town to town; it’s loud, it’ll keep you awake and your energy high and what’s more – it’s got highway in the title.

Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea

Somewhat of a seasonal one here but, as the nights grow dark and the fairy lights are starting to draw in then you’ve simply got to dust off the old Christmas favourites. And what better way to accompany that drive back to base and then home on those days leading to the hols than with Chris Rea, telling you that that’s exactly what he’s doing as well?

King of the Road – Roger Miller (or the Proclaimers)

Anyone who spends time on the road can surely relate to some of the sentiment in this old favourite. Whether Roger Miller’s all-American ode or the rather more Scots inflected cover version once you’ve got the words in your head then you simply can’t avoid singing along in your karaoke for one cabin every time it comes on the stereo.

And Our Guilty Secret Song?

Dancing Queen – ABBA

You know it’s true – you’re all alone at night or in the wee hours of the morning and there’s barely another truck in sight. Staring out at the dark road ahead, cats eyes disappearing into the distance and there you are, volume up to 11 as you let it be known that you can dance, you can jive and that you’re having the time of your life!