7 Reasons To Become a Truck Driver

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It’s no secret that this fair isle of ours is crying out for new HGV drivers; we’ve even given mention of the fact on this site. With the industry looking to increase recruitment in the coming months (and years) we thought we’d stick our oar in and offer up some of the key reasons why moving into HGV driving might appeal to YOU.

1 – Jobs

The shortfall in qualified drivers in the UK is estimated at anywhere between 30,000 and 40,000, depending on which article you read. Either way that’s a lot of drivers needed to fill the void. So if you are looking for an industry that offers the opportunity of employment once your training is complete then this is pretty much as good as it gets. Get yourself through training, fully qualified and you are very likely to be in high demand.

2 – Salary

We all want to earn living, right? The starting salary for a newly qualified driver is approximately £24,000. Whilst this might be slightly below the national average wage, it’s not a bad starting point for a newbie, that’s for sure. Indeed, if you compare it to the starting salaries of many University graduate entry schemes it is on a par with most and better than many.

3 – The Hours

OK, so it might not appeal to everyone this, but if you’re the type of person who recoils at the thought of a 9 to 5 routine then you could do worse than life behind the wheel of an HGV. When you become a truck driver you are foregoing the regular hours of many workers and taking to the roads at all times of the day and night.

4 – New Challenges / New Skills

There’s a lot more to becoming a truck driver than you might imagine. Qualifying into this industry provides you with an opportunity to develop new skills and face exciting new challenges as you progress through your career. It takes a certain type of person with a certain type of aptitude to be able to take charge of a large vehicle full of varying types of freight. And then there’s learning about the logsitics side of the business, the planning and the people skills.

5 – Freedom

Again, this is a job far removed from the drudgery of the office or call centre. If you want a job which offers you freedom and space then an HGV driver delivers. It’s you, your vehicle and the open road. OK, so maybe it’s not exactly like Smokey & The Bandit portrays but it’s still a job that offers you the chance to be out, travelling to different places, working under your own steam, responsible for your own actions. If these are job traits which appeal, then find out more.

6 – Career Progression

Not only does a career in HGV driving offer a degree of job security but you also have the opportunity to progress within the industry. From chances to branch out and develop your skills into management, logistics and such like to additional driving skills such as fragile or dangerous freight training – all of which enhances your career path and, of course the amount you can earn

7 – You Choose the Music

Get into your cabin, pull out onto the road and make your way along the highways and byways all the time rocking out to your own soundtrack on the stereo. AC/DC or Boyzone? Hey, it’s your call and we won’t judge.