Periodic CPC – Yours Hours Explained

I often get asked what the different types of CPC’s are as there are several available depending on what you need it for. More often than not it’s Periodic CPC that can sometimes confuse a new driver. So here, I’m going to explain certain aspects of the Periodic CPC. These Periodic CPC hours consist of 35 Hours classroom based attendance.

The good thing is that there are no tests involved it is purely attendance. The other very important aspect of the Periodic CPC is the learning. You will (by the end of the Periodic CPC Hours) have an understanding of the digital tachograph, how it’s used, what it records. The amount of hours you can drive daily and weekend, your breaks or rest periods you must take after driving for a number of hours. The regulations surrounding being a HGV Driver, fines, first aid and so on.

So who needs the Periodic CPC?

  1. If you passed your car test prior to January 1997 and are looking to obtain a HGV licence for financial gain you will have to obtain your Periodic CPC Hours.
  2. If you have a C1 (7.5 tonne) by right, meaning if you passed your car test before January 1997 you will more than likely have a C1 on your licence. If so and you want to earn money as a C1 driver you will have to obtain your Periodic CPC Hours.

There are more area’s where the Periodic CPC will be required but the above 2 are the main reasons for obtaining the Periodic CPC.

Please do not forget that these Periodic CPC hours must be completed before starting work as a driver. You can do these hours ad hock with a day here and there, but I would always recommend 5 consecutive days as the sooner they are done, the sooner you are working.